EYNTK: The Carlsbad Flower Fields

Everything You Need to Know for a Day of Floral Inspiration

Carlsbad Flower Fields | Near Carlsbad by the Sea Hotel

Every spring, one of the largest flower displays in the world can be seen right here in Carlsbad, just 2 minutes from Carlsbad by the Sea Hotel. The fields have an amazing history that started back in the 20s when the ranunculus seeds were first brought to the area. Over time, the hard work and cultivation of the flowers led to all the colors that you can see today. Thanks to cooperative efforts between the land’s owner, the grower, The City of Carlsbad, The Carlsbad Agricultural Improvement Fund, and the California Coastal Conservancy, this colorful hillside will continue to welcome visitors for years to come!

Over 50 acres are devoted to raising the ranunculus bulb crop, which is one of the finest strains of ranunculus plants in the world. The ranunculus flower is native to Asia Minor and is a member of the buttercup family. Plus there are about five acres of other specialty flowers like roses, orchids, sweet pea blossoms, petunias, poinsettias, and more. The best time to view the flowers is usually mid-March through Mid-April. However, these dates may change if the bloom is either early or late due to weather conditions, etc. Check their calendar for events. During the weekends, they have live musical performances, fun workshops, and more!

The fields will be most crowded on the weekends. For the best photos, visit during sunset. Set aside 2-3 hours to explore the flower fields and if you live in the area and want to visit often, look into a season pass.Below is a list of frequently asked questions:

Is parking available at the Flower Fields?
Yes, there is parking in an open lot near the entrance and parking is FREE!

Are pets allowed at the Flower Fields?
In order to respect the rights and ensure the safety of guests, they do not allow pets.  Only Certified Service Animals are allowed.

What is the best way to dress to enjoy the day?
Bring a sweater or light jacket, as it may get breezy walking up the hill. Comfortable shoes, sunglasses, and a hat also are good ideas. Do not forget your cameras!

Is there a pathway to walk through the Flower Fields?
There is a pathway along the bottom of the fields that is made up of hard-packed dirt and decomposed granite that offers a spectacular view of the fields and access their artist gardens, themed gardens, Santa’s playground, historical poinsettia display, organic demonstration garden, restrooms, and concessions facility.

Are there rides at the Flower Fields?
They offer an Antique Tractor Wagon Ride. It is an additional $6 for adults and $3 for children. The wagon ride is a passenger wagon pulled by an antique tractor boarded by ramp and it takes you out to the furthest blooming areas, up to the top of the hill and back to the boarding ramp near our front entrance. It also includes an audio recording about their history and what they do.

Are the Flower Fields handicapped accessible?
Yes, but they do not recommend pushing a wheelchair up or down the pathways between the flowers on the hillside. They can accommodate wheelchairs and walkers on the Antique Tractor Wagon Ride too. For parking, there are a limited number of handicapped spaces available in front of the Armstrong Garden Center, which is located just north of The Flower Fields entrance gate.

Are wheelchair and stroller rentals available?
No. Guests are required to bring their own wheelchairs and strollers.

Are there places to sit throughout the Flower Fields?
Benches, picnic tables and chairs are available throughout the rows of flowers and interactive spaces.

Can I cycle to the Flower Fields?
There is no official place to store your bicycle if you ride to the fields. There is also no bicycles, hoverboards or drones are permitted within the Flower Fields.

Are there food options available?
There are food vendors open every Thursday – Monday and vending machines available during the weekdays. There also are many nearby restaurants and fast food outlets. The Flower Fields also encourages our guests to bring in food to picnic on-site and we have several picnic areas for your convenience.

Is alcohol allowed or sold at the Flower Fields?
The Flower Fields are an alcohol and tobacco-free environment. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted on site.

Where should I stay while visiting the Flower Fields?
Located across the street from the Flower Fields is Carlsbad by the Sea Hotel.  You can even see the flowers from the hotel!  Walk and don't worry about parking.  We hope to see you March through May at the Flower Fields!

How do I purchase tickets for the Flower Fields?
All tickets must be purchased online ahead of your arrival. Book your visit for your preferred date and arrival time on their website. If you have questions about tickets or your visit, you email flowerfields@seetickets.zendesk.com or call 1-855-235-2867.


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